Curiosity is My Fuel

...and the foundation of branding and marketing. By getting under the skin of brands and products and truly understand your offer, customers and competitors, you can create interesting and relevant communication that generates real brand (and business) value.

I Have Helped International B2B...
...companies to position products and brands with my long experience from creative branding of global technical B2B companies.

My Belief... that positioning is the essence of branding and the only way to infuse your brand with a meaningful purpose.

Positioning ensures that you are relevant to whoever you want to address in all channels where you are communicating your products and brands, from sales meetings and customer support calls to technichal manuals and glossy brochures.

Marketing ♥ Engeneering
One of my focus areas is to combine marketing with technical expertise to cover all aspects of product and brand strategy in technically complex companies. I have long experience from working close with engineers and product managers to ensure relevant products and brand communication. 

Linda Rosdahl...

With my extensive experience from international B2B marketing, I have helped companies grow and boost long-term business through the essence of marketing strategy: product and brand positioning.

My experience is from international business...
...and I have worked together with managers on branding and marketing in both US and China and held trainings and workshops on positioning, branding and communication around the world. I have spent the majority of my professional life on the corporate side, giving me understanding in how marketing, R&D and product management operate internally. 

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