LinkedIn as a strategy?

I have helped many companies with LinkedIn strategies when the platform has been idntified as a channel. Mostly it is a matter of creating inspiering and relevant content and engaging employees.

LinkedIn strategy

Creating a stretegy for LinkedIn is a matter of specifying the purpose with LinkedIn and identifying what type of content would best support that purpose. 

The purpose could be to generate visitors to the corporate website, making sure sales get the righ tools to address customers, employer branding or to establish the company as some sort of expert within a segment or market.

A strategy can also adress how or if to sponsor content and what contet to produce. In some cases i have had customer where the sole purpose with the LinkedIn efforts has been to support the SEO of their corporate website with links. 

The strategic initiatives in LinkeIn is depends entierly on the purposes and goals. 

LinkedIn Training

Without the engagement of employees, corpoprate LinkedIn post normally never flies (unless you choos to sponsor). By encourings employees to like, share and tag, you will see you post take wings. When i reccommend LinkedIn as a part of the company's marketing or communication strategy, I often start with a LinkedIn training. 

Who need training?
It can be all employees - to get a broad engagement in your posts, it it can be oly sales to give them a boost in the LinkedIn efforts towards customers.

Everyone is not familiar with the platform. Some might be too embarresed to admit that they never use it. There might be some "I-just-won´t-use-LinkedIn"-people. You will never get everyone engaged but the training will increas the overall engagement with your content amony employees.

Support with personal LinkedIn-profiles

I many cases, i have also suppoprted employees to better their peronal profiloe pages on company time. A nice personal profile page will increase the chance that emplyees engage on LinkedIn.

Personal voice
Employees will always write their own story/text - their personal tone of voice should't be lost - but I support in identifying strenghts and giving feeedback.

Some might also be struggling with lifting their strength or points of view - by encouaging them they might get LinkedIn braver. 

Content on LinkedIn

I also sometimes support with content production

Text & Articles

I have several customers that are getting help with production of articles, blogg posts or other texts to fill their LinkedIn with relevant and engaging content 

Film & video
I work with external video prodcution companies to prodcut moving content but I often take a project manager role, help with writing and general support.

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