Helping B2B Companies to

  Position Products & Brands  

 Clear market positions will help your customers understand. Remember. Act. 



  • Customer interviews
  • Workshops
  • Online surveys
  • Competitor analysis
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What I Do

  • Internal positioning
  • External positioning
  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Consultation
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  • Training material
  • Launch/training workshops
  • Presentations
  • Cooperation with in-house or external communication agencies for production
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Who am I?

My name is Linda. With my extensive experience from international B2B marketing, I have helped companies grow and boost long-term business through the essence of marketing strategy: product and brand positioning.

I believe...
...that great marketing & branding comes from (1) truly understanding who you are targeting and the market space you are acting in, (2) having a clear vision of what you want to achieve and (3) staying consistent.

Marketing & Technology
One of my focus areas is marketing of technically complex products. Over the years I have worked closely with engineers and prodcut managers to ensure that technically complex products are communicated in a way that address real needs among customers.

I am based in Malmö, Sweden, just 20 mins from Copenhagen. 

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What is Positioning?

Products are produced in factories. Brands are produced in the minds of customers. Positioning of products and brands is the essence of branding. It is simply that specific position you occupy in the minds of your customers. Are you perceived as the hero? The rebell? The service-friendly company?

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